Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun stuff for little girls!

So, I have been experimenting with pieces and have come up with a couple of new things.  These I made for little girls...
This one makes me smile :)  "Cute as a button".  Aren't all little girls just that???  I paired this one with a double strand chain that has a pink ribbon and an orange ribbon.  Any color combination could be used.  This combo made me think of summer, fun, flip flops and cute little outfits.  What fun to add a little whimsey to an adorbale outfit!  This one sells for $15.  The larger disc is about 3/4" and is hammered for added interest. 

This is an adorable little set for girls.  The necklace is a sterling silver disc with "FRIENDS" stamped on it and the matching bracelet is a tiny disc with the little girl's this case "B".  This was a birthday gift for my daughter's friend.  I hope she likes it!  This set sells for $25.

If you have any ideas for me, please pass them along in a comment!!  Refer your friends to follow my blog...I will have specials once we get more followers!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day!

Since Father's Day is right around the corner...only 2 days away...I decided to make my dad keyrings for his gift.  He has a mustang and an old truck that he rarely drives, so he doesn't keep the keys on his "everyday" keyring.  I made these for him to keep those keys on.  

This makes a great little gift!  Or, you can have one made with your family name on it and attach your house key for the dog-sitter or your neighbor who keeps your spare key.  $10 for this style (vintage brass) or $15 for Sterling Silver.

Next is one of my favorites.  I am amazed that God loved me so much that He sent His son to die for me!!  This necklace is a reminder of His Amazing Love!  
This can be yours for $15.

Last, but not least, for today...CHOCOLATE!!  This one is for my aunt.  She saw the one that says "JOY" and I explained that my favorite word is "JOY".  She laughed and said, "then I need one that says "CHOCOLATE".  Well, "CHOCOLATE" would not fit, so I improvised and used the word "GODIVA".  Yes, we all think of chocolate when we hear that word, so, Becky, this one's for you!

This whimiscal charm set is made with a sterling silver stamped charm along with a brown "cat-eye" stone and clear crystal stone and sells for $25.  Any word can be used on the charm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Welcome to my new blog!!

Have you seen the latest craze in jewelry?? Yes, I am talking about stamped jewelry. Mostly sterling silver pieces. I have ventured out and tried this a little and am hooked on it! Most of the pieces that I have seen are really expensive, at least in my opinion. I want to offer them to you at an affordable price.

I can always create a custom piece for you, if you have an idea already in mind. New pieces will be popping up on this blog as they are created. I would also welcome any ideas that you have...I love to try new things!

Right now, I can offer sterling silver and a vintage/distressed looking brass. I make the chain myself and use either a ribbon (you choose the color), black satin cording or brown leather cording. All of the pieces are created in my "studio".

I can't wait to hear from you!

Here is one of the first pieces that I have made...

 This piece is a sterling silver rectangle with the word, my favorite, stamped and a clear crystal charm added.  It is on a black cord chain and is $18.  The silver is "distressed" as you can see in the photo, but can be a smooth finish as well.

This piece is one of my favorites.  It is the "vintage" looking brass.  I stamped my children's names around the circle, distressed the piece, then domed it to give it a unique look.  It has a brown leather chain.  I like this brass, because it isn't the shiny gold looking brass.  It is a more subtle look than the silver and looks great with brown.  This piece is $15.